If you are looking for the best laptop backpacks for college students, here are our TOP five recommendations you can buy at a low cost..Laptop market might be not as big as decades ago, but this device is still important for college students. Tablet may change laptop usage, but it cannot replace the function completely. To carry laptop, you need backpack that's strong and safety. You will find the best laptop backpacks for college students with affordable price, without lack of quality. The brands are various and some of them are very popular.

Rajalaptop has recommended these five laptop backpacks for university students :


Case Logic Medium Backpack

The design is simple with black color and several pouches. These are properties of Case Logic. In fact, college students study not just in campus, but also outside. You need backpack to bring laptop, books, and any gears around. Instead of many small bags, it is better to bring one-for-all bag to save time and effort. Case Logic produces excellent backpacks for such purposes.


AmazonBasics 17-Inch 

Amazon is not new name due to the popularity of online shopping. Amazonbasics is brand for backpack and bag that's sold in Amazon. The price is affordable and it is made of high quality material. You do not have to buy bigger backpack when carrying 17-inch laptop. The design is simple but stylish. Basically, Amazonbasics represent what college backpacks should look like. It is one of the top laptop backpacks for students on market.


Tomtoc 15.6-Inch Laptop Backpack

You may want to go outside to do research. The destination is quite far away and you have to bring laptop. In this case, Tomtoc is good solution. Backpack for laptop is not just carrying stuff in daily basis. Moreover, it can be travelling bag to bring many things, including laptop. Tomtoc is practical backpack, which means very functional for long journey. The product is also waterproof to prevent laptop from water contamination. This is recommended laptop backpacks for students.


North Face Pivoter Laptop Backpack

Backpack for laptop needs to fit three criteria: safety, lightweight, and strong. Safety should be on the first place because laptop is very sensitive from external force and wet condition. The backpack is also lightweight in order to hold stull easily at back. Finally, backpack needs to be strong because you bring much stuff, including sharp object. Strong feature also refers to durability. All of criteria can be found in Zeepac. 


Everki Laptop Backpack

College students care for style, so Everki introduce some backpacks with elegant design. Company produces many bags, case, and backpacks for laptops. You just pick one of them that suits your preference. The price might be a little bit higher. However, the quality will show the meaning of backpack with comfortable shoulder pad. This is recommended product when you look for the best laptop backpacks for college students.





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