if you're searching for Best Backpack for College Students, you should consider The Targus CVR217 backpack. Why? Let me explain..

A problem a lot of people have with computer backpacks is that they want something big enough to protect their computer and hold all their accessories but they also need something that isn’t too big and bulky. Sometimes it can be hard to find a compromise between the two. Targus is probably best known for its large and bulky backpack that’s big enough to hold everything but the kitchen sink. However, they also have a slimmer Targus CVR217 computer bag that is very sleek, slim and trim but also large enough to hold a 17″ widescreen notebook. If you’re looking for a computer backpack that’s both stylish and functional you might want to consider trying this notebook computer backpack from Targus.

This computer backpack weighs one pound and features a main compartment where your computer is stored as well as a front slip pocket for your files, paper, and accessories. No, you probably can’t use this bag to store all your books, CDs, and work clothes but this is a great little bag if all you to need to carry around is your computer and you want to keep it safe. The pocket that holds your computer is padded extremely well. This laptop bag is also priced very affordable. You can find it online for less than $30 although you might have to pay about 20% more if you find it in a local store and don’t want to wait for it to be shipped. You’ll find other similar bags that costs $50 or more and they aren’t nearly as nice as this Targus laptop bag. Usually the material of the bag is of very low quality and does not protect the computer inside as good as the Targus. The Targus Slip Case notebook computer backpack also has a PVC coated bottom which is very handy. I know a time or two I’ve found myself accidentally setting my bag down on wet pavement while I search for car keys. Of course the PVC bottom won’t completely protect your computer if you leave the bag sitting in the middle of a large puddle for hours on end but it’s enough to keep moisture out during brief periods of time.

One customer writes, “I bought this notebook backpack to carry my laptop and work stuff - I didn’t want to spend too much money but still have good quality and durability . . . Some more expensive notebook backpacks have more zippered compartments so if that is important you might want to consider a different one. That is not a problem for me - there is plenty of space in this backpack even though different things have to share the same compartment. If you need a good solid roomy notebook backpack on the cheap I would definitely recommend this one - it’s working great for me.”