Choosing the best laptop can be said to be tricky, especially for those still clueless (stuttering technology) world of computers. For most older users laptop is sometimes still puzzled by the selection of critical components of the laptop. To help you choose the best selection of laptops, Buying Guide will share tips on buying laptops based on the components inside the laptop. Some tips below will likely be no changes to keep up with technology.

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Brand: Choose brand means choosing 'image' product and service center. Each brand also usually have special characteristics (Positioning), where the focus of the brand. But for computer brands, the average focus on various fields. But still we can know the main advantages of the brand products, such as for example; Asus is known for IceCool so that it remains comfortable to use for long periods. Fujitsu is known for products that are so serious that the average laptop has quality components and materials, and high durability. Acer is known for affordable prices but a higher specification than competitors. Toshiba is known for durability when it fell with a good security system. Lenovo ThinkPad laptop businessman so well known as durable materials and excellent structure.


Screen Size: This relates to the needs and habits. 10 "display is suitable for mobile use because of the size of the laptop is smaller and thus lighter weight. Screen 11 ", 12", and 13 "are also still suitable for traveling, sizes TSB usually very limited choice and higher value than the standard size laptop that is 14". Screen 15 "and higher are suitable for those who need a laptop for multimedia and entertainment such as gaming, watching movies FullHD, etc. Habits are also very influential in the comfort of using a laptop, they usually use a small screen 11 "will feel a little bit tired when I have to face the big screen 15", and vice versa.


Tips on Choosing a Laptop


Weight: The weight associated with the mobile needs, the more light it will be more easier for us to travel. In the market, in general, the price of a laptop with lighter weights will be higher. This time let alone been unseasonably Ultrabook are usually lightweight and slim dimensions. Ultrabook prices starting from 6 millions, compared to regular laptops starting price of 3 million. Weight difference would have less impact if the use of laptop mostly in homes that do not need to carry around. The weight difference is still closely related to screen size, the smaller screens will become lighter weights.


Design: Well, this is a matter of taste. Opinions on the laptop will not always be the same from one person to another. So return to yourself, yet who would use us as well.


Main components: Log into the affairs of the components that many of us do not know which ones are good which are not. With these guidelines hopefully you will be increasingly understood to define specifications for a laptop.


Processor: Manufacturers of laptop processors currently only two are Intel and AMD. Laptop with an Intel processor options more so it's easier to choose. Both Intel and AMD have a processor Low Voltage version that is power efficient processor with a clockspeed lowered. Low Voltage processor is intended for use in Ultrabook will save battery life and can eventually live longer to carry mobile. To compare the processor easiest is to look at the sequence of the benchmark score in the benchmark provider of website data. Can you visit,, or could be in with lighter laod page. For details should immediately visit the website benchmark.


RAM: Most easy to select RAM is where the bigger the better. Other benchmarks are the type of RAM or Speed RAM. Most laptops still use DDR3 RAM PC 10600. No other type PC 16000. Most laptops today are equipped with at least 2 GB of RAM, and this is enough for daily needs. While using the laptop for gaming and design, you should upgrade to 4 GB or 8 GB. SODIMM slot usually only 2 pieces in a laptop, so you can add one more chip RAM in one slot is still empty. To get a dual channel, you should use the same RAM that already exists, or could replace all of them with one type and brand.


Graphics Card: VGA is required for activities related to graphics such as video, gaming and design. All laptops today would have been equipped with VGA on board in the processor. For more serious laptop, no additional dedicated VGA. 2 VGA for laptop manufacturers today are NVIDIA and ATI. NVIDIA is usually used in Intel processors and ATI used in AMD processors, but many laptops that use ATI cards on Intel processors.


To see which one is better VGA then be viewed in order or rank VGA that has been created by websites such benchmark.


Hard Disk: Laptop use an average speed 5400rpm HDD. Especially for the more serious laptop (business, gaming, etc.) typically use speed HDD 7200rpm. For the hard disk capacity, bigger certainly is better.


SSD (Solid State Disk): The discovery of a pretty horrendous as it can increase drastically laptop computer and only to capitalize SSD. Shaped like Hard Disk SSD 2.5 "and can easily replace standard laptop HDD. For Ultrabook, usually using a good SSD as primary storage or simply as an auxiliary Hard Disk. SSD capacity is still limited and that too at a high enough price. For a capacity of 128GB, SSD prices are sold separately still above 1 million.


Battery: Usually only use the benchmark amount of Cell alias not see the capacity in mAh. Generally the laptop uses 6 Cell battery and 4 Cell. For some serious laptop, usually using up to 9 Cell. 4 Cell battery typically used in Ultrabook and notebook thin dimension.


Keyboard: By simply, there are two current keyboard design that is classic and chiclet design. There are some people who are more comfortable typing on the keyboard classic design with large buttons, there is also more convenient to use chiclet keyboard design. In some specific brands, the keyboard uses technology such as splash resistant Thinkpad Lenovo, Fujitsu, and HP specific types. To truly resistant is the ThinkPad with the testing soaked in water can survive. For standard users, it's waterproof feature is not really needed because laptops are usually not used in conditions too extreme. Until now, the most comfortable keyboard according to many people is the ThinkPad series.


Touchpad: Noteworthy is the dimension of the touchpad, are generally larger, more comfortable. Also the technologies used as multigesture etc. The more features the better, but for some people also even troublesome. Click buttons are also a concern because it is too hard so uncomfortable. How tau touchpad is good or not? By attempting to test the product if it exists, or by reading user reviews on forums or specific websites. Solution if the touchpad and click buttons are not comfortable using the mouse.


Speaker: to be seen is the technology used and the use of components from any vendor. The most famous No Bang Olfusen, Altec Lansing, Sonic Master, Harman Kardon, and Beats Sound.


Camera: The camera includes an important component for many users because it is used for video chat or just a self portrait. Usually in the specification are not so described details about the camera because it was like the term 'essential there'. Usually the more expensive the laptop camera, the better the quality. If you can, find detail resolution of the camera, is 0.3 MP, 1.3 MP, or 2 MP.


Interface: Laptop current average supply slot interface complete enough despite eliminating PCMIA and Express Card. Noteworthy is that if a laptop that will be purchased thin design and also the type of ultrabook. Usually fewer slots will be even eliminate some. Listen explanation of each of the following interfaces.


USB 2.0: Still widely used in laptops, high precious serious laptop, USB 2.0 is completely removed being replaced USB 3.0.


USB 3.0: On the laptop affordable to medium usually only provide 1 slot USB 3.0 up to 2 pieces. For the long term, the USB 3.0 certainly better, but if no one else is safe until the next 2-3 years before eventually replace the new laptop. USB 3.0 transfer speed of USB 2.0 is 10x.


HDMI: HDMI is typically used for multimedia purposes. Connecting a laptop to a TV LED, LCD, or Plasma that has a HDMI interface. Almost all standard laptops already provide this slot.


VGA / Mini VGA: Used to connect a laptop to a second monitor or projector. In some ultrabook is only available Mini VGA so it needs to VGA Adapter Mini VGA projector to be used in general.


LAN: Spelled most rarely used for most users. Almost all standard laptops provide this slot. So do not be confused by this because most components are already using WiFi.


Optic Drive: Almost all notebook laptop category providing Optic Drive just a few laptops do not provide. Ultrabook and netbooks in general do not have the internal drive Optic Optic and should use external drives for start of 250 thousand rupiah. Optic Drive used to play DVDs or CDs, to movies or software, drivers, and operating systems. On the laptop serious high value, Optic Drive usually can play the puck BlueRay.


Bluetooth: Bluetooth must exist for some people, although it can use the data cable as an alternative. The reason people are no longer using bluetooth is because the transfer speed is relatively slow.


Card Reader: Almost all laptops provide this feature. Its usefulness was largely supplanted by the use of a data cable. Most brands have readernya frequent complaints that the card is damaged, the solution can use an external card reader which is already very affordable price with better quality than the default laptop.


WiFi: All laptops today must have feature WiFi, and has been in the network technology B, G, and N. So there is no need to be confused about this feature.


Cooling System: Need to look at is the location of the sewer heat, even though it's been nothing put down on the right laptop as before. Some brands of laptop complained of heat by the user, to determine laptop cooling system is good or not is by reading user reviews. For some brands already popular with a good cooling as Asus, Fujitsu, and Lenovo is also no case a fast heat.


Aperture angle Screen: Not many laptop screen that can be opened 180 degrees. Average of all laptops have the same opening angle of the screen. For those who want a 180-degree screen openings can be lyrics Lenovo Thinkpad series. Zyrex once also had a 180-degree screen openings although locally assembled product.


Operating System: When considering the price of laptops, it's also worth calculating the operating system. Laptops are often include the operating system even in lower-class laptop is Toshiba. Other brands are also usually included in the operating system sales. Keep in mind that the price of the Windows operating system is not exactly cheap for most people of Indonesia. Mindset operating system for free or non-original was time removed from our heads. So when buying a laptop make sure that we are going to use native operating system. If you want Windows then the choice is currently no Windows 7 and Windows 8. More recommended to use Windows 8 for faster and more efficient, in addition to a much more affordable price than Windows 7.


If you want a truly free and open source it can use Linux with various distributions. Distributions are most widely used today is Ubuntu. For some people use Linux is still very difficult and not one of us, because it is almost all devices only includes drivers for Windows and Mac OS. Manggunakan Linux will expand computer learning as they often find it difficult and in the end we find a solution.


Thus the explanation of each essential components of the laptop, the more often we search for information and compares the laptop with other laptops, will be more understanding about the specifications of the laptop. Hopefully useful and please ask that has not been understood and give feedback if something is missing or faulty.

If buying one carrot is more than enough, why buying two? Well, that analogy is only aimed to help you understand the basic principle of purchasing one great laptop among so many best laptop for college students. It is important for everyone to understand what they need before getting themselves as the store and attempting to find what they think they need, while in fact, it turns into something overwhelming. This list of potential laptops would guide you through the issue(according to rajalaptop) .

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Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-Inch

If you are a fan of laptops from Apple, and you are a nursing student, then you can opt for this laptop. Its inner construction is mainly built with the Intel Core i7 Quad Core 2.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1 TB HDD storage capacity and AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2GB. Well, any nursing student would certainly be happy with the combination of those specs.

The 15.4-inch laptop is indeed large, but it does only weigh 4.5 lbs. In other words, this laptop from Apple is still quite portable. In addition, the IPS technology is completed to the screen to guarantee the great visual experience.

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Asus ROG GL502VS-DB71

This laptop from Asus is pretty bulky, in term of its specs and features. It is given a set of advanced features such as Intel Core i7 Quad Core 2.6 GHz processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTXTM 1070 graphics card. In addition, 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD memory capacity are added to guarantee that you will not find difficult issues in saving your assignments and other documents.

The 15.6-inch screen is supported with IPS-G-SYNC technology which will show you how magnificent the visual is. Yet, more importantly, this laptop has adopted 16GB RAM so that it will be not a problem if you have to do some heavy multitasking work.

MSI VR Ready GE72VR Apache Pro-024

Similar to the two previous alternatives on this list, this laptop from MSI is also built from Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core processor with 2.6 to 3.5 GHz. Though it has a bit lower RAM capacity which is 12GB DDR4, and also memory capacity at 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, but this MSI laptop is still worth a significant place in the competition.

How do find best laptop for college students ? Don’t you think that the three of them are actually all pretty great?


Recommended Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin Used by Celebrities - Beaut y is something that everyone wants to have in their life. When they can have the good look for their appearance, they will have the good confidence whenever they are. Those who have the good body shape and the good appearance of their body, they will be happy. We know that paying attention to the body and to our appearance is not such an easy thing that we can do. There are many kinds of considerations that you should have. If you want to have the skin care products used by celebrities, it will make the best look of your appearance.

In this case, we are going to talk about skin care products used by celebrities. If you want to know about the products of skin care sued by the celebrities, you need to find out the original one. Here we are going to talk about it further.
1.    Aquaphor
Are you familiar with this beauty product? This is such a soothing balm that clinically proven to help the skin have the regeneration process. Many celebrities used this skin care product like Nicole Kidman. She mentioned that when she used this product, it is very good. For the price it costs £8.50. Actually it is not expensive enough if you want to have it.
2.    Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
The skin cleanser is claimed with soap-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and also the price is affordable enough for the starts. Olivia Wilde mentioned that the product is cheap but it gives the good impact for her skin. The price of this product is £8.99.
3.    Benefit Benetint
Are you familiar with this product? Nicole Kidman is one of the stars who use this product and she mentioned that the rose-tinted stick from Benefit has so many good impact for her appearance. If you want to buy this product, prepare for about £24.50.
4.    Vaseline
Do you believe that many actress and actors use Vaseline for their daily usage? As we know that this is one of the petroleum jelly that has many purposes such as for the remove the make-up. There are many people who use it. You only need to pay for about £2.15.
Those are only the examples of the skin care products used by celebrities that you can consider. If you want to have the best appearance of your face, you need to find out the suitable one with your skin.


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Obat Diabetes Melitus Herbal - Apakah kita memasuki era baru? Maksudnya itu apa? Di masa lalu jika aku punya beberapa penyakit saya akan melihat untuk menyingkirkan masalah secepat mungkin. Dan biasanya mengambil beberapa obat untuk meringankan rasa sakit atau masalah. Mungkin Anda memilih rute ini seperti yang saya lakukan.

Obat Diabetes Melitus Herbal

Saya masih mencari untuk menyingkirkan penyakit saya secepat mungkin NAMUN, saya mencari beberapa alternatif untuk obat. Ini adalah sama untuk saya dengan diabetes. Saya telah memiliki gula darah tinggi. Melalui penggunaan pengobatan alami diabetes saya bisa menurunkan kedua saya tingkat gula darah dan hemoglobin A1C saya. Bagi saya ini adalah satu-satunya cara untuk pergi.


Obat Herbal Kencing Manis utk Menyembuhkan Diabetes secara Alami

Berikut adalah daftar obat herbal diabetes .

Ginseng Asia

Ginseng Asia umumnya digunakan dalam pengobatan tradisional Cina untuk mengobato diabetes secara alami. Ini telah ditunjukkan untuk meningkatkan pelepasan insulin dari pankreas dan meningkatkan jumlah reseptor insulin. Ini juga memiliki gula darah penurun efek langsung. Sebuah penelitian baru menemukan bahwa 200 mg ekstrak ginseng per hari ditingkatkan darah kontrol gula serta tingkat energi pada diabetes tipe 2 (NIDDM).


Pterocarpus marsupium - (Ini terdengar seperti nama possum ini)


Pohon adalah sumber dari Kino dari pharmacopeas Eropa. Permen-resin terlihat seperti darah kering (darah Dragon) (bagaimana selera). Ini adalah sering digunakan di India sebagai pengobatan alami diabetes. Flavonoid, (-) - epicatechin, diekstrak dari kulit tanaman ini telah terbukti mencegah kerusakan sel beta alloxan-diinduksi pada tikus. Kedua epicatechin dan ekstrak alkohol mentah dari Pterocarpus marsupium benar-benar telah terbukti meregenerasi sel beta pankreas fungsional. Tidak ada obat lain atau agen alami telah ditunjukkan untuk membuat kegiatan ini.


Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema membantu pankreas dalam produksi insulin pada diabetes tipe 2. Membuat ramuan herbal ini sebagai obat diabetes herbal yang efektif. Gymnema juga meningkatkan kemampuan insulin untuk menurunkan gula darah di kedua tipe 1 dan diabetes tipe 2. Itu berkurang keinginan untuk manis. Ramuan ini bisa menjadi pengganti yang sangat baik untuk obat penurun gula darah oral pada diabetes tipe 2. Beberapa orang mengambil 500 mg per hari dari ekstrak Gymnema.



Studi eksperimental dan klinis telah menunjukkan sifat antidiabetes dari biji fenugreek. Bahan aktif yang bertanggung jawab atas sifat antidiabetes fenugreek adalah di bagian lemaknya dari benih yang terdiri dari trogonelline alkaloid, asam nikotinat dan coumarin.


Dua teman baik untuk memiliki - Bawang dan bawang putih


Berikut adalah dua obat herbal diabetes melitus alami yang mudah untuk ditemukan. Pergi memeriksa pantry. Kedua lampu sudah efektif sebagai memiliki gula darah menurunkan tindakan.

Efek yang sama di kedua ekstrak bawang mentah dan direbus. Bawang mempengaruhi metabolisme hepatik glukosa dan / atau meningkatkan pelepasan insulin, dan / atau menghentikan kerusakan insulin.

Ekstrak bawang ditemukan untuk mengurangi kadar gula darah ke seluruh toleransi glukosa oral dan intravena. Semakin banyak ekstrak bawang digunakan semakin baik hasilnya. Ada juga efek yang menguntungkan diamati bahkan untuk tingkat rendah yang digunakan dalam makanan (misalnya., 25-200 gram). Mentah atau direbus bawang tidak membuat perbedaan dalam hasil. Bawang mempengaruhi metabolisme hepatik glukosa dan / atau meningkatkan pelepasan insulin. Hal ini juga dapat menangkal kerusakan insulin.


Bonus yang Anda terima dari penggunaan bawang putih dan bawang adalah efek kardiovaskular menguntungkan mereka. Mereka ditemukan untuk menurunkan kadar lipid, menghambat agregasi trombosit dan antihipertensi. Jadi, liberal menggunakan bawang merah dan bawang putih yang direkomendasikan untuk penderita diabetes. Dua perawatan alami diabetes besar.


Hanya berhati-hati untuk tidak terlalu dekat dengan orang-orang ketika menggunakan makanan ini.

Daun blueberry

Anthocyanosides blueberry meningkatkan keandalan kapiler, menghambat kerusakan akibat radikal bebas dan meningkatkan kualitas sistem vaskular. Di Eropa, digunakan sebagai agen anti-hemoragik dalam penanganan penyakit mata termasuk retinopati diabetik. Aku mendengar untuk waktu yang lama bagaimana blueberry yang baik. Diabetes pengobatan alami membuat semua akal di dunia untuk saya.


Campuran daun blueberry memiliki sejarah panjang digunakan rakyat dalam pengobatan diabetes. Senyawa myrtillin tampaknya bahan yang paling aktif. Setelah injeksi itu agak lemah dari insulin, tetapi kurang beracun, bahkan pada 50 kali 1 g per hari dosis terapi. Berlangsung minggu, satu dosis telah terbukti menjadi pengobatan alami diabetes yang efektif.



Bilberry dapat menurunkan risiko beberapa komplikasi diabetes, seperti katarak diabetes dan retinopati.


Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba ekstrak mungkin berguna untuk pencegahan dan pengobatan tahap awal neuropati diabetes.


Cinnamon - tiga kali lipat efisiensi insulin

Manfaat menggunakan perawatan alami diabetes dibandingkan dengan menggunakan obat banyak. Keduanya; bahwa mereka aman untuk digunakan, dan untuk masalah ini tanpa efek samping yang cukup sering menyertai obat. Anda mungkin harus bereksperimen dengan ini pengobatan alternatif untuk menemukan satu yang terbaik untuk Anda. Bertanggung jawab dengan hati-hati Anda.


Anda telah diberi daftar obat diabetes herbal setidaknya tujuh. Saya telah sukses menggunakan beberapa ramuan ini untuk menyembuhkan kencing manis secara alami. Mudah-mudahan Anda akan juga.